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High quality and a customer-orientated approach are always at the heart of what we do

Intelligent in-house supply

Our area of expertise lies in supplying complex in-house locations. To this end we offer turnkey solutions which are technology-independent, site-specific, and designed by our certified planners. Mobile communication technology has progressed rapidly in recent years, and we’ve kept abreast of these developments in tools and training, ensuring our technicians have the equipment needed to meet our clients’ demands.

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Professional radio-based communication systems

We take care of the planning and implementation of mobile radio stations, preparation and submission of applications, setup and system integration of transmission technologies, and the establishment of fibre optic links.

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Construction and system integration of transmission technologies

We work with our own assembly and service personnel, who are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and measuring apparatus to complete their work.

We install transmitters as per network provider standards. Our own staff, certified by the appropriate manufacturers, bring transmission technologies such as base stations and repeaters into operation.

Finally, the new location is connected and ready to go with the help of fibre optics and radio links.

Project management

We’re with you every step of the way:

  • Coordination of network operators, including other users
  • On-site project management
  • Competent support through unique projects
  • Experience with the execution and complexities of network operator processes
  • Turnkey solutions from the initial meeting to initial operation

Construction and system integration of transmission technologies

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Antennae Installation

With our many years of experience, we can assists you with your antenna installation, maintenance and repair.

Radio network planning

  • We provide radio supply to complex locations
  • Experience from a diverse range of in-house projects
  • Our high-quality measurement technology accurately records supply
  • Complete system concepts including overall cost estimates
  • We deliver supply forecasts and monitor the performance and functionality of installed equipmen

Construction and system integration of transmission technologies

Proposals and planning of mobile communication stations

We can build from scratch or upgrade existing mobile communication stations. Our planners use specialised software to plot the high frequency parameters of a site, allowing us to create plans of sites and their networks. These plans also form the beginning of applications to the Federal Network Agency and contribute to their giving schemes the greenlight. If required, we can draw up and submit these contracts on the client’s behalf, thus ensuring full compliance.

Build on 20 years of experience in the field of mobile communications. We offer you a comprehensive solution package for all necessary implementation steps. That makes the difference!
Matthias Teßmer, Managing Director, April 2018

Mobil-line on German news channel NTV

NTV introduces Mobil-line City Communications & Local Networks Ltd. in a mini-documentary.