Berlin, 2017

The Charité – Europe’s largest university hospital – was extensively renovated between 2013 and 2017, and a new building added to the site. The new façade blocks mobile network coverage within the buildings, making it necessary to equip them with their own network.

Charité’s IT department approached Mobil-line with the challenge of developing a system that could guarantee the provision of major mobile communication standards and be accepted by all network operators.

Mobil-line Ltd. developed an overall concept which met with the approval of the client and the three network operators.

The hospital

Km of cable

We developed an entire systems technology solution and planned its implementation. The unique conditions within a hospital present a particular technical challenge. With the use of software, we were able to simulate the anticipated diffusion of radio waves from the very early stages of planning. This forecast was the basis for the go-ahead to implement a mobile communications system in the hospital, and secured the approval of the scheme by the Federal Network Agency

The equipment was entirely constructed and put into operation by our staff and our final assessments confirmed the results of the initial radio planning. In 2017, after being signed off by the network providers, we were able to hand the system over to the client

The new building

meter of cable


The base stations are housed in the basement of the building. The transmitter outputs were switched to a master unit which converts the high frequency signals into optical information. A network of fibre optics feeds the remote transmitters located on different floors of the building. A cable-based antenna system in turn supplies the individual rooms and corridors.

Berlin Underground

The mobile phone network on the Berlin Underground was upgraded for better 3G and 4G coverage.

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DB Tower Berlin

Austattung des DB mit System und Richfunk

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