We offer you a variety Career Opportunities
in an attractive Work environment.

mobil-line city communications & local networks GmbH

Your career at Mobil Line

Mobil-Line offers employees a dynamic and diverse work environment in which they can develop their full potential. The company is focused on innovation and long-term growth. We know that our people are the driving force behind our success, so we create an environment that inspires, motivates and supports them. The main focus here is on employee development and support. This is done through a comprehensive training and development program and, for example, by providing all the necessary resources and tools.

There are no limits to your career opportunities at mobil-line and we support you in achieving your goals with us.

Apprenticeship at Mobil Line

As a trainee at Mobil-Line, you not only receive excellent training, but also the opportunity to work in an innovative industry and gain valuable experience. You will be looked after by experienced specialists and have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and tasks.

Dual studies or working student at Mobil Line

Mobil-Line has excellent contacts in the telecommunications industry and offers our dual students and working students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insights into the industry. We attach great importance to giving our dual students and working students the opportunity to achieve their career goals and offer a wide range of career opportunities.

Your training at Mobil Line

Electronics technician for buildings and infrastructure systems (m/f/d)

Duration: 3.5 years


  • Operating, servicing and maintaining building services and infrastructure systems
  • Plan, integrate and commission building and infrastructure systems
  • Practical work on research setups
  • Take and monitor measures to ensure security in buildings
  • Install, convert and configure energy and communication systems as well as supply systems
  • Check the functions of the systems and safety devices
  • Hand over systems and instruct users on how to use them
  • Receive fault reports, create error diagnoses and carry out or arrange for repairs
  • Monitor and optimize technical building systems with the help of automation and control systems
  • Analyze user requirements, design and calculate system and usage changes
  • Place orders and accept services from third parties
  • Work with English-language documents and also communicate in English

Information electronics technician (m/f/d)

Duration: 3.5 years


  • Install and maintain information technology systems in the professional and private sector
  • Set up and secure operating systems, programs and networks
  • Adapt IT systems to current requirements
  • Advice and training for customers
  • Fix technical problems and malfunctions
  • Reading and using technical documents
  • Planning and organizing work, evaluating work results, quality management
  • Install, maintain and repair fire protection and hazard detection systems
  • Work with English-language documents and also communicate in English

Electrical system fitter (m/f/d)

Duration: 3 years


  • Assemble, install, maintain and repair energy, security and lighting systems
  • Set up and connect generators, transformers and distribution systems
  • Set up and clear assembly sites
  • Read and use parts lists, assembly and circuit diagrams
  • Plan and calculate workflows
  • Make and check electrical connections
  • Edit and connect mechanical parts
  • Assemble electrical devices and subsystems from individual parts or assemblies
  • Advice and training for customers

Till - Working student electrical engineering

In addition to my studies, mobil-line GmbH is a top employer for me. Here I can combine and expand what I have learned from my studies with practice. The working environment is great and when it gets a bit stressful during the exam phase to balance work and studies, my colleagues always understand and support me.


Leon - Trainee electrician

I am very happy that I chose mobil-line as my training company. Here I am entrusted with very
interesting and instructive tasks and was able to take on certain tasks independently at an early stage.

Your dual degree in electrical engineering

Imagine being able to combine your passion for technology and innovation with a first-class academic education while gaining valuable work experience. This is exactly what Mobil-Line offers you!

Start your dual studies in the field of electrical engineering at Mobil-Line and become part of a dynamic, future-oriented industry that is always at the cutting edge of technological development.

Here are five compelling reasons why you should start your career at Mobil-Line:


Practice-oriented learning

At Mobil-Line you get the optimal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. As part of your dual studies, you will regularly alternate between exciting practical phases in the company and courses at a Berlin university.

Versatile areas of application

Electrical engineering is a multifaceted field of work. At Mobil-Line you have the opportunity to gain insights into different areas such as automation technology, electronics, energy technology, communication technology and much more.

Individual support

At Mobil-Line, we attach great importance to supporting each of our students individually. You benefit from personal support, tailor-made further education offers and attractive career prospects after successfully completing your studies.

innovation and sustainability

At Mobil-Line we are constantly working on the further development of future-oriented technologies. As part of our team, you have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping a sustainable, environmentally conscious and efficient future.

Financial security

A dual study course at Mobil-Line means financial independence right from the start. During your entire study period, you will receive attractive remuneration and benefit from additional benefits such as vacation and Christmas bonuses.