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Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Gigafactory

The Gigafactory in Grünheide is one of the largest factories in the electric car industry and represents an important project for Germany and Europe.

Our team has worked closely with the network operator to ensure that the in-house cellular coverage works seamlessly and meets the needs of the factory employees and visitors.

One of the challenges of the project was the planning and implementation of a reliable and high-quality mobile network coverage in a large and complex building complex. Furthermore, we also had to ensure that the in-house supply ensures wide coverage and high data transmission rates in order to also meet the requirements of the manufacturing processes within the factory and the technology.
Our team has mastered the challenges and created a first-class in-house supply for mobile communications in Tesla’s gigafactory. We are proud that we were allowed to be part of such an important project and that we made an important contribution to the realization of Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.




Berliner Subway

Since 2017, our company has been continuously expanding network coverage in the Berlin subway with 4G (LTE). This measure was taken to offer passengers a reliable and fast internet connection during their journey.

The LTE network enables passengers to seamlessly access the Internet and ensures a stable connection for e.g. phone calls, text messages or streaming regardless of the train’s location in the subway.

We are proud to be part of this project and to do our part to improve connectivity in Berlin.

Key facts:

Since 2018 we have provided UMTS and LTE coverage to over 200 subway stations in Berlin. We built four BTS hotels and installed a fiber optic repeater system. We are proud of our successful cooperation with the BVG, Telefonica and the authorities.


Supply of more than 200 train stations and tunnel sections on the basis of an existing, antenna-based supply system of Telefonica (O2)

Realization of joint use by Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone D2

Bundling of the system technology of all network operators in BTS hotels

Implementation of measures during ongoing operations as general contractor for Telefonica O2 (largest currently ongoing special project at TEF)


The original supply situation was analyzed in advance using our high-quality measurement technology and software.

Based on these results, the detailed radio network planning and conception of the supply solution was carried out.

We then obtained all building permits, site certificates and other approvals from the respective institutions for all trades.

The step-by-step conversion of the project could then begin.

mobil-line city communications & local networks GmbH


From 2013 to 2017, the high-rise bed building in the Charite was extensively renovated and a new building was erected. The new facade shields the interior areas from the cell phone coverage of the surrounding radio stations. This made it necessary to equip the buildings with their own mobile phone coverage.

Those responsible for information technology at the Charite turned to our company for the task of developing a system that would guarantee coverage with the current mobile phone standards and be accepted by all mobile phone operators.

The company mobil-line GmbH developed an overall concept, which was approved by the client and the three network operators.




Bed tower

We developed the technical system solution and planned the implementation. The specific conditions in a hospital represent a major technical challenge. The expected propagation of the electromagnetic waves was simulated with the help of software as early as the planning stage. Our forecasts were the basis for an expert opinion on the operation of a mobile radio system in the hospital and the issuance of the site certificate by the Federal Network Agency.

The system was completely set up and put into operation by our employees. Our final measurements confirmed the results of the radio planning. We were able to hand over the system to our customer in 2017 after acceptance by the network operator.