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Mobile communication – the basis for innovation, collaboration and progress in a modern, connected world

Intelligent in-house solutions

Our focus is on supplying complex in-house locations. For this we offer turnkey solutions that are planned by certified wireless network planners, regardless of technology and location. Mobile communications technology has developed rapidly in recent years. We have consistently followed this development in training and equipment and thus guarantee the best possible solutions for our customers.

An ideal mobile phone coverage in the in-house area enables enormous potential. It is, for example, the basis for networked robot technology in production halls, is responsible for increasing productivity in office buildings and leads to a higher quality of life in living space.

The process

How a complete in-house supply is created


First, we sit down with you to determine your needs.

We will discuss what your care goal looks like. Components of this are e.g. which functions the radio network should have, what performance and how many users are expected.
If a budget is already available, we can develop a supply scenario using comparative objects and already work out a procedure for the next steps.


Determination of your current mobile phone coverage situation

For an optimal implementation of the project, it is necessary to determine the current mobile phone coverage situation on site. Our measurement technicians measure the existing radio levels of the network operators on site. At the same time, possible cable routes and technology locations are already being identified. This information already serves as the basis for the future design of the system. For the measurement, we use the same modern, high-quality measurement systems as the provider.
This guarantees an exact measurement result on the one hand and acceptance by the network operator on the other.


On the basis of the existing measurements, we are now developing all measures for a reliable supply.

The necessary antenna locations are planned and their later supply behavior is shown with the help of a simulation software preferred by the network operators. The software also takes into account the radio signals outside the building, so that a constant change of radio cells is avoided. If these signals are not taken into account, it can lead to crashes and massive losses in performance. At the same time, we check compliance with the legal limit values ​​in order to plan the system in a way that it can be approved. This proof is particularly important when planning for sensitive environments such as hospital care.

Finally, we give our client a valid cost estimate for the later construction. Our experience in planning and construction distinguishes us from many other competitors.


After successful approval by the network operator, the implementation of the system begins

Before we start, we get permission from the network operator. Our experience in preparing the documents allows quick decision-making processes. With the confirmation of the network operator, a network operator-compliant draft and implementation plan is created. This combines the concerns of the grid operator and the requirements of building law. We prepare the application documents for the Federal Network Agency and submit or follow up the applications if necessary. Our own assembly staff ensures that the project is implemented on time and with the right quality. This procedure ensures that the customer receives the services ordered.


We measure the new supply situation with the help of our measuring technicians after the system is complete

The improvements in supply are not so easy to see. The “bar” on the mobile phone display says nothing about the performance of the connection.

That’s why we measure the new supply situation with the help of our measuring technicians after the system has been completed for the client and the network operator. On the basis of objective measured values, we document the added value achieved. We will provide you with a well-documented system so that later extensions can be easily implemented. If the operating model provides for maintenance and monitoring in your company, we will not leave you alone with the monitoring or possible maintenance. We will create an operating concept for you, with which the system can be operated in a future-proof manner.


Turnkey solutions

Technology-independent, location-based supply concepts

Specialized radio network planners and measurement engineers as well as high-quality network analysis equipment (TSME6) including 5G standard and PIM measurement technology


Listing with all relevant system technology suppliers

Smart solutions for energy saving and better grid management

Many years of experience and the exact assessment of the objects to be delivered and the resulting costs

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mobil-data maintains current location data
of all network operators in just one app.

Your benefits at a glance


continuous update of location data


exact navigation to the destination


ongoing maintenance of all relevant contact persons


efficient and long-term operational planning


GDPR compliant provision


intuitive app and web interface


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Our team in action

Over the last 30 days, our dedicated team has made considerable progress. We have processed 466 address records, updated 334 of them and added 55 new ones during consolidation. This ongoing maintenance of our database underlines our commitment to building the communication network of the future.

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mobil-line city communications & local networks GmbH

Planning and configuration of mobile radio stations

We plan the new construction or the technical expansion of mobile radio stations. For this purpose, we create basic work plans and network plans. The technical high-frequency parameters of the system are determined with the help of software by our radio network planners. They are also the basis for the preparation of applications for obtaining the location certificate for mobile radio stations from the Federal Network Agency. If required, the applications are created by us and submitted for the customers. This ensures legally compliant broadcasting.

mobil-line city communications & local networks GmbH

Installation and commissioning of transmission and transmission technology

Our technicians are certified for all system technologies commonly used in Germany. We put the systems into operation and integrate them into the networks of the mobile network operators.

mobil-line city communications & local networks GmbH

mobil-line city communications & local networks GmbH

Project Control

We support you right from the start with:


Coordination of network operators including co-users


On-site project support


Competent support for special projects


Experience with processes and interfaces of network operator processes


Turnkey solutions from the first inspection to commissioning